Born and Raised

Nice to meet you.


I'm a  Colorado native, and proud to have the cultural spirit of the state, especially of the Mountain West, running in my veins. I value informed decision-making that is respectful, attentive, and above all, representative. In the Capitol, I try to be a detail orientated legislator who will listen to anyone willing to sit down in the spirit of common ground.

I also run my family ranch just up the road from Edwards. My family has owned Copper Bar Ranch since the early 80’s, although the land’s history extends back to the Homestead Act. The Copper Bar Ranch is a small business that is focused on proven homesteading practices. I raise Highland Cattle, have a handful of garden plots that produce vegetables for area restaurants, a noisy flock of chickens, as well as horses and mules and lastly, the best dog in the world , Gary.


I attended The University of Notre Dame where I earned a Bachelor of Science, pre-professional degree with a focus on anthropology. After graduating from college, I worked as an archeologist throughout the Rockies in cultural resource management. Then I worked for the Vail Valley Foundation and as director of the Minturn Community Fund – both non-profits focused on serving local communities. Before running for state office, I served on the Vail Town Council and was Director of Academics for the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. My students still call me to talk through life and share successes.  My 8th grade class just invited me back to speak at their graduation. 

Please stay in touch and tell me about yourself and what is important to you.

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Kerry Donovan
State Senator, District 5