Issues & Values

Born and raised in the high country, I know the value of hard work and the importance of listening to neighbors from all political parties because solutions can be found in every corner of our district.



Good communities are defined by the opportunities they provide. I was shaped by great teachers and believe that investing in schools is investing in the future of our state and our economy. Our kids must be able to compete globally in every subject. As an experienced educator, I've seen the huge challenges our kids and teachers face daily in the classroom and will strive to find balanced solutions for all of our schools. 



I believe in the gumption of Coloradans and will fight to strengthen our rural economy and tourism industry. To solve the problems we face in our district while growing our economy, I will fight to leverage the resources of the state to provide economic benefits for local communities. This includes providing every Coloradan with broadband Internet so that they can tap into support from all over the world to turn their vision into a reality. I will also focus on the future of agriculture and look for ways to support young and beginning ranchers and farmers while protecting the legacy of agriculture in Colorado.

Tourism in its many different forms is a critical economic driver in our district. As your State Senator, I will celebrate our local culture and businesses at the Capitol by helping to promote the economic benefit of strong local economies. 


We are at a critical crossroads in determining the future of our water usage in Colorado. This issue requires someone who is willing to listen to all the voices at the table while being a strong advocate for our region and pushing back against policies that will negatively impact our economy by diverting the flow of our mountain streams and rivers. I believe in keeping water in the basin where it's born and as your voice in the State Senate, will defend that principle. The Colorado Water Plan was a major milestone in the planning for Colorado's future but now we must act on the thoughtful ideas presented and adopted in the plan. 



Public Lands

Public Lands our the soul and the economic engine of our communities.  Our outdoor economy is surging and the multi-use definition of public lands supports many other industries on the Western Slope and Upper Arkansas Valley.  But lately, the very definition of public lands is threaten by those who think money should equal access and those with the biggest pocket books should be able to buy off lands and privatize them. I will continue to lead the fight to make sure public lands are never sold off to the highest bidder.


Health Care

Our region is rated as the most expensive health care market in the entire country. The middle-class is being priced out of quality health care as a result of the geographic rating assigned to us, the limited supply of medical providers, and the cost of things like MRIs and prescriptions. This is unacceptable and I will work with stakeholders in the area, as well as care providers, patients and business leaders to bring affordable health care to our communities while ensuring that families can choose a plan that fits their needs. I believe in a woman's right to make her own health care decisions, and I will defend that right in the State Senate.