Kerry Donovan

A voice for the high country of Colorado. Fighting for our communities and the land we love.


It all started when…

Kerry’s parents moved to Vail in its earliest years. Her father, John, arrived during Vail’s first winter with his best friend from kindergarten. They soon started a successful business. Her mother, Diana, came a couple years later at the urging of a family friend whom they had met while her father was stationed in Europe after WWII. Together they ran one of Vail’s earliest famous landmarks – Donovan’s Copper Bar. Next, the family waded into the trash collection business starting Vail Honeywagon, which Kerry’s brother Matt still runs today. Her other brother, John, works in property management.


Early on in her life, Kerry's parents instilled in her a strong sense of community involvement and the importance of creating a legacy worthy of your name. She believes that whether you are building fences through tough terrain or sitting around a conference table, problem solving can be bruising, but there is always a way through.

Kerry’s exposure to politics and community service came early, as her parents served extensively on town boards and participated in community activism - including fighting water diversion projects that would take water away from the Western Slope and central Colorado.  Additionally, Kerry’s grandfather, Bill Mounsey, was involved very early in the wilderness movement, as he sought to maintain wild places where he found solace after serving in the army. Kerry is cut from the same cloth as her grandfather which makes sense since they share the same birthday.  Roots run deep.


Our Voice.

Your Senator.


The capitol can be a noisy place. I'll make sure the voice of our communities is heard though the din.

I'll work to represent every person that lives in the seven counties of Senate District 5.

I'll work for you.